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Ecodrive expands service fleet with new van

Ecodrive has expanded its service fleet with the acquisition of a new flatbed service van. Running from Ecodrive’s Little Hulton ZF DriveCentre, the vehicle will support the company’s ongoing service and repair operations across the North West and beyond. Emblazoned with Ecodrive’s logo, the 17 plated Ford Transit Dropside will be travelling far and wide with the product […]

How to change the oil on an automatic ZF transmission

All of ZF’s automatic transmissions, such as the AS Tronic series, have their own range of recommended oils which are specifically designed for use at high operating temperatures. ZF recommends that you change this transmission oil once every 80,000 to 120,000km (depending on general conditions and driving style), or at the very least, once every […]

Guide to ZF transmission oils

Oil lubricants are used in ZF transmissions to reduce friction and wear on machine components which slide or rotate. ZF certified oils will protect, preserve and seal these components meaning reduced fuel consumption and increased performance for your transmission. The technical specifications of commercial vehicles have increased markedly over the last few decades. And more […]

ZF truck transmission reliability

Fleet operators and truck drivers want to get the best performance out of their gearboxes. Good gearbox management means not only reduced repair costs, but also less down-time when a vehicle might be out of action. A more reliable transmission means a more reliable trucking service. Fortunately ZF transmissions are among the toughest on the […]