How to check an Ecosplit transmission for a worn In gear detent

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Is your gearbox dropping out of gear? There are a number of explanations for this. One common fault, especially if the gear lever is moving in the cab, is a worn In gear detent.

The position of the in gear detent varies depending on which type and model of Ecosplit transmission you have. They come in two types: the older mechanical type, with no servo assistance, and the newer type where the In gear detent is built into the servo assistance.

The older type is shown in the image below. The In gear detent is the large bolt located on the side of the transmission; this bolt should unscrew fairly easily for removal.

Artlab- In gear detent.Still001

If you can identify wear on the detent (located at the top of this bolt), then this could be the cause of your problems.

Artlab- In gear detent.Still002

When the In gear detent is worn (and the gearbox is in an overrun position), it will not apply its full force onto the turret assembly, pushing it out of gear and moving the gear lever in the cab.

Make sure you order and install a replacement part as soon as possible.

On the newer Ecosplit transmissions, the In gear detent is in a different location. In the example in the image below, it’s built into the servo assistance unit.

Artlab- In gear detent.Still003

If you remove the unit from the transmission and take a look inside, you can see mountains and troughs within the shaft of the servo unit.

Artlab- In gear detent.Still004

This works on a ball and spring arrangement, giving you that assistance while in gear.

The mountain arrangement can become worn, which then doesn’t give you the full force required to hold it in gear; this allows the gear lever in the vehicle cab to come out of position.

There are numerous reasons why a gearbox can drop out of gear, but these are two easy checks you can make to diagnose the problem.

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