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Technical support mobile service Crane ConstructionIts obvious that automatic transmission systems have become more and more common over recent decades and, for many construction companies, this is clearly a blessing. In the construction industry where load and operating conditions vary to a great extent, the transmission’s ability to predetermine the best gear ratios without needing specific driver skill, means a more effective operation.

Wear and tear is reduced, meaning a longer transmission lifespan but, almost inevitably, there will come a point when the electronic system may fail or detect a fault.

A faulty ECU or an error warning is likely to cause great consternation to the operator and, despite their purpose being to ensure no further damage to the construction vehicle’s transmission, they’re not designed to track down the source of the problem.

Typically, the likely next step is to undertake tedious and extensive programme of system checks in order to pinpoint the fault. This can include oil changes and even involve removing the transmission. All time consuming and involving extended periods that the vehicle will be off the construction site.

Fortunately, a quicker and simpler alternative is available – making use of our expert and technical ZF advice.

Highly trained engineers supporting your construction vehicles

Ecodrive now operate nationally and are able to offer technical advice over the phone. We can even arrange the despatch of a field service engineer who will be able to quickly identify the fault via a series of sophisticated tests, involving the latest diagnostic software.

All of our engineers are highly skilled and experienced with full ZF factory training behind them. This enables them to quickly pinpoint the exact transmission or associated problem and, in many cases, carry out the on-site repair of your construction vehicle’s ZF gearbox, including ZF AS Tronic.

Our service vans boast state of the art tooling and diagnostic equipment, ensuring you receive a high quality, comprehensive service and the minimum of crane or vehicle downtime.

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