Five Times Lorry Drivers Saved the Day

A quick Google search for ‘lorry driver’ will bring up hundreds of thousands of results detailing crimes and accidents caused by the nation’s hauliers.

But these stories only represent a small fraction of the hard-working lorry driver populace.

Every day, the nation’s lorry drivers complete loads of good deeds – whether it’s letting faster motorists into traffic or blocking overtakers in closed lanes. And all the while, they have to deal with the nation’s biggest idiot drivers.

In this blog post, we thought we would redress the balance and share some times when lorry drivers have saved the day.

Here’s some good lorry driver news for a change.

Cement Mixer Driver Helps Pensioner Cross the Road

This humble HGV driver stopped the cement mixer lorry that he was driving to help an elderly woman who was struggling to cross the road. Manilo Wilson can be seen in his orange overalls after taking it upon himself to help the woman cross a busy street in Birmingham.

Truck Driver Helps Stranded Motorcyclist

When this truck driver found himself stuck behind a stranded motorcyclist in the US, he didn’t leave it to someone else. He used his lorry to shield the biker as she inched across the highway to safety.

Hero Driver Stops Runaway Van

When Russell Dagless, 53, spotted an unconscious motorist at the wheel of a van, the quick-thinking trucker slowed down and gently pushed the runaway van into the safety barrier. Police said that, along with an off-duty paramedic who hopped out of a trailing vehicle, the truck driver helped save the mans life after he suffered a bleed on the brain.

Three Drivers Help Prevent Disaster

This clip does contain one idiot truck driver who looks set to cause carnage driving on the wrong side of the M6. Fortunately, three sane lorry drivers were on hand to bring the perilous trucker to a stop.

Rubbish Truck Driver Helps a Girl in Need

This clip from London shows a girl in need of some light assistance. The rubbish truck driver looks like he has a long night shift ahead of him, but that doesn’t prevent him from stopping his wagon to make a girl’s night. Sometimes it’s the little things that speak the loudest.