ZF and the E-HGVs

First they came for the humble toothbrush… then the family car. Now it seems the process of electrification has stretched out to include even the heaviest of vehicles on our roads. The increased popularity of electric and hybrid cars – such as the Toyota Prius – and indeed the proliferation of charging points on our […]

ZF Unveils New AI-Driven Forklift Truck

ZF’s has applied its experience creating autonomous passenger cars and commercial vehicles to creating a forklift truck with highly automated driving functions. The networked forklift is fitted with a camera and radar system so that it can see its surrounding industrial environment. Data from these inputs is analysed and ‘understood’ by the ZF ProAI central […]

Ecodrive helps the buses run on time

Experienced engineers from Ecodrive Transmissions have helped keep buses running on time for more than a decade in Greater Manchester and beyond. Today, buses and coaches operate on demanding schedules and companies are forever trying to improve performance and operating costs. When there is a breakdown or another blip, Ecodrive Transmissions is committed to delivering […]

Danny moves up to Technical Sales Coordinator

We’re pleased to announce that long-standing Ecodrive employee, Danny Smith, has become our Technical Sales Coordinator. The role comes with responsibility for managing and growing the company’s sales; bringing in new business and increasing Ecodrive’s truck customer portfolio. Having over 10 years experience at the company, Danny has worked his way up from the workshop […]

Autonomes Fahren - LKW

Should Truck Drivers Welcome Autonomous Trucks?

The world of self-driving cars and trucks is just around the corner, with car companies and technology giants working on the smarter vehicles. But many of the issues around autonomous vehicles are still unresolved. How must legislation change to make self-driving cars legal? What happens in a crash? And how will self-driving cars impact jobs […]


Welcome back Wayne Cavanagh

Ecodrive Transmissions are delighted to welcome back highly experienced Product Support Engineer Wayne Cavanagh to our ever-growing team. Wayne, a highly experienced and fully ZF trained engineer, will slip straight back into his role, expanding Ecodrive’s unparalleled and vital support for ZF customers across the country.