Oil escaping from AS Tronic Mid gearbox breather

There will inevitably be a time when you might need to arrange a field service for your vehicle.

However, ahead of making that call, if you do think there is an issue with the gearbox there are several tests you can try yourself. Following on from our series taken from our Trade Secrets booklet, we’ll walk you through another hot tip, as you may well be able to avoid the expense, hassle and disruption that a repair may entail.

breather oil leakEscaping oil from the air system exhaust

There has, in fact, been an issue with oil leaking from the breather – or the air system exhaust (in official terms) – on the AS Tronic Mid range of gearboxes. You’ll find this to the near side, somewhere around the mounting bracket.

This requires a professional fix, as the gearbox will need to be taken out, the air system will need to be flushed and then some new parts fitted. But don’t worry too much, as it’s about a two hour job.

Our ZF trained engineers can carry out this repair either at your premises or at our DriveCentre workshop. For a no obligation quote, call the team on 01204 701 812 and press option 2.