Product profile: AS Tronic Transmission

Video Courtesy of ZF.

ZF’s AS Tronic is a fully automated manual transmission designed specifically for commercial vehicles. It is a firm favourite amongst drivers and operators alike because of its reliability and fuel economy. It also tends to be safer, more comfortable and longer lasting than other transmissions.

The original AS Tronic is now more than a decade old but owing to the high quality engineering and modern electronics which help keep trucks running, this system will likely prove popular for many years to come.

The unit contains 12 closely aligned gears which mean the engine will always function using the lowest amount of fuel input. The electronically assisted shifting system allows for faster and more precise gear changes which are free from uncomfortable clutch releases and stomach-bending engine jolts which affect many trucks. And if conditions demand, the driver can easily switch between the automatic and manual modes.

Repair engineers like ourselves also like the AS Tronic transmission because it is so low-maintenance. The unit requires no dedicated cooling and the integrated ZF clutch needs no preventative maintenance.

Compared to some other transmissions, the AS Tronic is very reliable – ZF estimate that the overall life-span of an AS Tronic is in excess of 500,000 miles.  Graham Evans, Ecodrive’s Technical Director praises the transmission system for being so easy to maintain.

He said: “ZF should be commended for designing one of the most maintenance-free gearbox systems on the market. Not only is the AS Tronic well put together, but the integrated electronic systems help eliminate driver errors and bad habits which can be both unsafe and inefficient.

“When an AS Tronic is brought into our workshop it is usually much easier to fix than other transmissions thanks to the elaborate error reporting system. A full series of error codes makes diagnosing and fixing units much easier – and it helps us get clients back on the road much quicker.

“We’ve also found that the more you use and familiarise yourself with the AS Tronic system, the more efficiently you can drive it.”

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