Which oil for which truck gearbox?

Different gearboxes need different oils.

You can help the life and operation of your gearbox by using the correct type of oil for the gearbox that you have.


If you are unsure which category of gearbox you have, and therefore which oil will suit, there is a very simple way of checking and finding out.  On the main case of the gearbox you will find a credit-card sized identification plate, which is normally coloured silver and blue.  That ID plate will carry all of the relevant information as regards the oil category and quantity.

There are some very good gearbox lubricants on the market.  These will assist with both the running of the gearbox and, ultimately, its working life.  So, keep the gearbox well maintained and lubricated, use these checks to look for the early signs of any wear and tear, make sure the engine is regularly serviced and you will be doing everything you can to ensure your gearbox serves you well over the lifetime of the vehicle.

For more information, visit our Oil Specification page or contact our team for advice on the correct choice for your gearbox on 01204 701812.