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Over the past few decades vehicles fitted with automatic transmissions have become increasingly popular, and for many operators this has been a real blessing.

commercial supportThey know the transmission will predetermine gear ratios most applicable to the speed, load and operating conditions, without worrying about the driver’s skill and experience.

This obviously reduces wear and tear, and, as importantly, also monitors the overall performance of the transmission; but what happens when the electronic controls no longer function correctly or detect a fault within the operating systems?

Although designed to prevent further damage to the vehicle transmission, a non functioning ECU or a warning display error code is a nightmare to most operators, because tracking down the fault is something they are simply not equipped to do. At this point many engineers may resort to a long-winded programme of checks, oil changes and even the removal of the transmission, to isolate the fault. However, there is a simpler solution – experienced ZF technical advice.

Now operating a national service, Ecodrive are quite prepared to offer technical advice on a problem over the phone and if necessary a field service engineer can be despatched. On arriving on site, he will quickly be able to locate the fault through sophisticated diagnostics tests using the latest diagnostic software.

Our highly skilled engineers have a wealth of experience and are fully ZF factory trained to identify your exact transmission axle or steering problem and are often able to effect on site ZF gearbox repairs, including ZF AS Tronic repairs.

Ecodrive’s service vans are equipped with the latest tooling and test equipment to ensure that you are given a first class, comprehensive service with the minimum of customer downtime at the vehicle’s location.

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