VOR Repair & Manufacturing Truck Gearboxes


Minimising downtime – maximising choice

Whilst many customers prefer to take the service exchange option for operators who prefer to have their own transmission, axle or steering repaired, Ecodrive are also able to offer a VOR repair service for both truck gearboxes and automatic gearbox repair where customers can choose from a basic gearbox repair to the failed area to a full remanufacturing VOR repair to the latest exchange standards.

commercial repairThe gearbox repair option is probably most useful in situations where the failed unit is of an uncommon or highly specific build specification. In these situations it is unlikely that a remanufactured unit would be available from any source and a quick efficient turnaround of the customer’s own unit is the fastest and most cost effective way of getting the vehicle back into service.

Ecodrive still apply the same quality build standards to VOR repairs that apply to full service exchange units including full testing on state of the art test rigs prior to being delivered.

All VOR repairs are backed by comprehensive warranty support packages to suit individual customer needs.

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