ZF genuine parts – accept no imitation

As a ZF Service Partner, Ecodrive provide a UK-wide transmission and driveline mobile support service from our head office located in Manchester, including the provision of genuine ZF parts such as transmissions, gearboxes, brakes.

How important are genuine parts?

ZF are a renowned international company; their driveline parts are the product of heavy investment in research and development, either through ZF or its production partners. It is this heavy investment which guarantees that their high technical demands will be met every day.

Many things that look alike, are not the same in reality. For example, parts that look like ZF parts but are not genuine ZF parts. Of course in this cost-conscious world, there has been a worrying trend towards service engineers using third-company or counterfeit parts, with more and more of these parts available on the market each year.

While many customers are tempted by the cheap prices offered by these service engineers, it’s vital to understand that there are a number of potentially dangerous problems with using anything but genuine ZF parts.

always use genuine zf replacement partsDo not compromise on safety

The first and most pressing concern is that imitation parts are potentially unsafe. They haven’t endured the same extensive development and quality control checks that their genuine counterparts have. This means there can be no guarantee as to their safety for use in vehicles – particularly concerning when you consider that ZF make highly sensitive parts such as brake pads.

Another thing to consider is the down time your business might have to endure from a breakdown; installing a third-company part could lead to damage in the transmission system.

Consider a commercial vehicle breaking down in your warehouse. Every hour it is out of commission costs your business money. With our mobile support service, we can visit the site and replace the broken part in no time; any business downtime will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Almost as important as the safety aspect is the durability of ZF parts over other equivalents; they will require repair less frequently. Over their lifetimes, ZF parts are much better value than supposedly ‘cheaper’ knock-offs. All ZF parts come with a two-year warranty and they can still be delivered up to 15 years after volume production phase-out.

Always use genuine ZF spare parts to guarantee the reliability of your vehicles. And always use a ZF trusted service partner, like Ecodrive to service your vehicles.